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4 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Chicken Dish


It may be impossible to do away with chicken in your menu, especially if you have children. It is a delicious and nutritious dish. Your family will never get tired of chicken as there are so many exciting ways to prepare it. If you have children, fried chicken is surely a common dish, but roasting your chicken can also be so appealing if you prepare the right sauce. You can steam it, air fry it, or you can make a healthy broth. Indeed, you can never be short of ways to cook a savory meal out of chicken.

But chicken, when not handled and cooked properly, can be the cause of some health problems. A fresh-looking chicken in the market can be full of harmful bacteria. These can include Campylobacter, Salmonella Staphylococcus, and Listeria. By following the tips below, you may be able to prepare and enjoy a safe and delicious chicken dish with your whole family.

fresh chickenBuy Only Fresh Chicken

You should know how to select fresh chicken when shopping in the wet market. Fresh chicken has a pinkish color. Be wary of discolorations that may look like small molds or dark spots because they imply that the chicken is starting to rot. It should not also produce any foul smell. It may be better to marinate chicken yourself than to buy pre-marinated products as herbs and condiments may hide these signs.

Don’t Wash the Chicken

If you plan not to cook the chicken immediately for your dinner and you have to put it in the fridge yet, do not wash it with water. You may just be spreading some of the bacteria in your sink, utensils, and your hands. You can place the chicken along with its packaging in a container and seal it properly.

Set the Temperature of the Fridge

Place the chicken at the bottom of the freezer and set the temperature.It was proven that bacteria would multiply faster in temperatures higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook ChickenCook Chicken Thoroughly

Never serve chicken that is only partially cooked. You should not also pre-cook it and place it back to your fridge.  A partially cooked chicken can mean that not all the bacteria are not killed. When pre-cooking it, they can multiply rapidly. Always make sure that your chicken is thoroughly cooked before serving it.