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The Orthodontist In The Calgary

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At Group Calgary orthodontics quality treatment to patients is mandatory. Calgary has employed the most current technologies in making their services better. It calls for an enormous amount of passion in delivering quality services and passing on knowledge.


Care provided

In Calgary the orthodontist seek to provide quality based orthodontic care through;Orthodontist

  • Communicating in a meaningful manner.
  • Showing compassion to patients
  • Supporting patients needs
  • Partnering with patients in decision-making
  • Respecting trust

Kamelchuck experience

Dr. Kamelchuck has cultured his personal view to create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of community at Calgary. His view is that doctors can make a difference through their personality and caring attitude. Dr. Kamelchuk treats every patient as an individual who will grow as a result of their experience at Calgary.

Ever learning

Orthodontists in Calgary are ever learning. They have a study club that provides continuing education to dental professionals and orthodontist. He study club keeps the orthodontists working closely with other professionals. It is a forum that educates about orthodontics of both the NW group Calgary and the SW groupCalgary orthodontics. They have the following orthodontist in the study group,
• Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk
• Dr. Claude Boutin
• Dr. Greg Barnett
• Dr. Mustafa Altalibi

Great orthodontic care

Orthodontists in Calgary have a mission to provide an excellent orthodontic care. They believe in holding themselves to a high level of quality and providing personalized care to their patients. Dr. Kamelchuck has pioneered a team of skilled members each with a specialized role to play to meet patient’s requirements. The team consists of clinical assistants who are well trained for orthodontic nursing.

Administrators in the tie have a vital role in scheduling appointments that are convenient to patients. Communication is important hence treatment coordinators exist to provide a link between the administrative team and clinical assistants. The lab support network is well operated and fully staffed to ensure quality control. They are often never seen by patients.

Rewarding program

Orthodontist 2In an attempt to make your dentist appointment exciting, Dr. Kamelchuk has a rewarding program for patients. Group Calgary orthodontics has the Kamelchuk bucks that reward patients for caring about their teeth and making progress in their treatment. Upon starting your appointment, you earn Kamelchuck bucks.The Kameklchuk bucks can be used on prize raffles throughout the year or donated to charity.

Visiting DR Kamelchuk is considered ideal for the following reasons

  • The experience is fun and professional
  • His office is opportunely located with free parking
  • The hospital sterilization grade exceeds the approved standards
  • They have a 3D technology that provides a detailed review of patients needs