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Hearing Damage with High Level of Noise


Hearing damage with a high level of noise is in most cases attributed to noisy industrial setups but headphones are the leading cause of this problem for most people. We may enjoy listening to our favorite music hits from earphones, but the method isn’t actually the best. With time we are likely to suggest that our current headphones may not be that loud enough and as time goes by our hearing quality diminishes. This we can attribute to the long music sessions we take through headphones without following the right health restrictions on these devices.

How We Damage our Hearing

High Level of Noise means Sound Frequencies Exceeding the Recommended Range

The human ear is made to respond to sound signals having frequencies of between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. The headphones, on the other hand, have frequencies exceeding this natural range in an effort to give pleasure that accompanies listening to music at very high volumes. This in any way is not pleasure as the extra sound frequency damage the stereo-cilia; hair-like substances within the ear which play an important role in how sound is perceived.

High Level Of Noise Create an Imbalance Between the Brain andusing earphone
the Earing Organs

For a perfect hearing ability to be gained there needs to be a perfect balance between the brain’s cognitive ability and how the ear usually perceives the incoming sound waves. Directly subjecting our ears to loud sound levels will directly impinge on this kind of balance and as a result of this, an individual may take longer than normal to react to what has been said.

Excess Pressure is induced to the Ear

There is that pressure range in which the human ear can work the best. We are at our best listening ability when the surrounding environment is quite, and this is because the external pressure that the ear has been subjected to is within the recommendable range. By subjecting music sounds directly to our ears, extra pressure will be subjected to the hearing organs, and this kind of pressure may create a disturbance that will lead to our hearing ability being downgraded with time.

man covering ears Irregular Sound Waves may cause a shift in Some Earing Organs

It has been scientifically proven that hearing occurs best when the incoming sounds have regular frequencies and when the words are also evenly spaced. However, we do listen to different types of music genres with each having different variables. With music, however, the sounds may be irregular as factors such as pitching, bass, and all other music variables will constantly be changing. This kind of irregular change will also force the hearing organs into making irregular adjustments so as to create a balance with the incoming sound waves. The organ shift though minute does have negative consequences in the long run.

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