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Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Face Mask

face mask

During the forced coexistence with Covid-19, we have now become accustomed to masks, which have almost become a clothing accessory. The common types of types in the market include surgical masks, cloth masks, and N95 masks. You can get a custom face mask, especially those that are made of cloth. Putting them on has become the new norm everyone should get used to.

But habit can generate listlessness andcontaminated face mask neglect, which, in the case of what must be considered a lifesaving device, leads us to make too many mistakes and too often. Remember, the surgical mask is widely used at the operating table to protect the patient from risky infections. Due to its characteristics, if worn badly, it is no less effective. Here are some common mistakes we make when putting on a face mask we should avoid.

Wearing the Mask Under Your Nose

The mask must adhere perfectly to the sides of the face and entirely cover the nose and mouth, which are the primary contagion sources and lead to the spread of coronavirus. It should not let air escape around the nose or from the sides. This is why some models have a light metal core at the top that can be shaped to make it adhere better to the nose. For the same reason (adherence), it is not advisable to wear the mask with a long beard. Children shouldn’t have masks that are too big but tailored to their little faces. If positioned incorrectly, it loses any use.

Touching it Too Much

The classic mistake is to touch it too much. You should wash your hands correctly and handle it by the cords on the side. Avoid touching the central part that will remain in contact with the face. The other error we make after wearing correctly is touching through adjusting it to make it fit perfectly. The outer section of such masks is where the virus settles, so any contact makes it pass from the mask to the hands. If the mask is adjusted on the face, it is necessary to wash your hands immediately. The same goes for when it is definitively paraded. Even when removing the mask, it is important to handle it by the side cords to avoid touching the central part.

Throwing Away the Surgical Masks Badly

Discard the disposable masks in the humid or plastic collection. They should be disposed in the secluded collection. It would be better if they were closed in an additional bag to avoid contamination of the operators.

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