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Patriot Power Greens Benefits For Health


Power Greens as the name suggests is a green health supplement from Patriot Health Alliance a reputable manufacturer of natural supplements. It is made for the elderly, who are more exposed to health problems.

This green health supplement is packed with leafy greens which are superfoods. This way it is a guarantee that you are gaining all essential nutrients that may not be readily available. Patriot Power Greens supplies people above 50 years of age with the right amount of nutrients that they need to survive.

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Patriot Power Greens is the perfect way to flood your cells with alkaline foods. This way, consumers can experience true weight loss and prevent obesity. The power drink has few calories per serving which is necessary for the fight to keep our blood vessels clear. Using this drink on a regular basis is a great way to lower cholesterol levels in the body. The natural supplement also helps to relieve bloating, constipation and diarrhea. This is possible by promoting the growth of good bacteria and reducing chronic inflammation of the intestines. Power Greens restores the natural balance in the gut, which is crucial in preventing digestive issues.

The elderly often suffer joint and muscle problems caused by chronic inflammation. Regular intake of the drink will reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces aches in the joints and muscles. In addition to arthritis, Power Greens can also improve the health of your brain. Spirulina, one of the main ingredients in the drink is known to counter the decline of the nervous system.

Power Greens may be targeted to people over 50, but people younger than that can also benefit. In the fast-paced world, we are in. The workforce is in a constant hurry with little time to eat balanced meals. Rather than resign your body to the fate of fast foods you can rely on this natural, healthy drink to supply you with important nutrients. This will help you remain energetic and healthy despite your busy lifestyle.

Power Greens is a superfood blend of sea vegetables, fruits, berries, land vegetables, and enzymes. In each serving, you are ingesting some wakame, organic spirulina, kale, carrot, spinach, apple, tomato, strawberry, Goji, ten strands of probiotics and Acai among others. Each of the ingredients used has some benefits that contribute to the overall performance of the health drink. Instead of using wheatgrass as in other superfood drinks, Patriot put Chicory inulin, a rare ingredient in green drink supplements. This ingredient is a natural cleanser, it promotes a healthy bowel system and boasts several antioxidant properties.

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The powder mixes well with water and orange juice. Unlike many green drinks, Patriot Power Greens has a pleasant taste probably because it doesn’t contain wheatgrass and barley. It is a safe product for diabetics as it contains less than one gram of sugar. It doesn’t contain dairy, caffeine or wheat soy, which might affect its efficacy on some users. The FDA has approved Patriot Power Greens for human consumption and for those that are interested five canisters are available at the price of 3. It is time to get the superfood drink that will solve many of your health issues and certainly boost the quality of your life.