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Services Provided By Bothell’s Affordable Family Dentistry

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Dental care is a major concern in the society today as families aim to protect their teeth from infection, preserve or restore the white color of the teeth, replace the removed teeth, or treat the infected gums. If you are a resident of Bellevue, Washington, then look no further for family dentistry services. Bothell is the best and affordable family dentistry with qualified dentists to meet all your dentistry services. Affordable Family Dentistry is one of the most critical aspects of family health. The following are the three primary services offered at Bothell’s Affordable Family Dentistry:

Services offered

General dentistry services

The dentists at Bothell have training and many years of experience providing the general dentistry services includingdentist checking boy's mouth white fillings, root canals, pediatric, implants, extraction, emergency dentistry, digital X-Rays, dentures, crowns, bridges, and braces among others. The dentists at the facility administer all these general services by using dental procedures or by prescribing drugs that you go home with and regularly take as advised. Emergency dentistry involves offering a satisfactory solution to several dental issues ranging from addressing crooked teeth, unhealthy gums, to chipped tooth.

Extraction is a dental service that entails removal of a tooth from your mouth through a procedure that is safe and comfortable. Dental extraction is only necessary when the tooth has to be removed to save you from other dental problems. A dental implant is a procedure administered to restore a lost tooth by replacing it with another artificial tooth that restores the functionality of your tooth without interfering with your looks.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The next critical dental service at the facility is the cosmetic dentistry, which works by either restoring the appearance of your teeth or enhancing the look and beauty of your teeth. At Bothell, cosmetic dentistry services designed to improve your teeth appearance are veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign, and bonding. If your teeth have lost their white color due to drinks, food, or poor hygiene, Bothell Dentists apply a dental procedure using modern technology to whiten your teeth at an affordable price.

Preventive care

dental careIt is significant that you protect your teeth from infections and discoloration that may warrant seeking for either general dental services or cosmetic dentistry. The only way to achieve this is by visiting a dentist to seek preventive care designed to prevent the teeth loss resulting from gum diseases or teeth decay and to improve the overall good dental health.

Among the preventive services provided at Bothell, include sealants, mouthguards, fluoride, and dental examinations and cleanings. You need to examine your teeth regularly as well as seek teeth cleaning from a qualified dentist to prevent teeth decay and gum diseases that can lead to tooth removal or discoloration of the teeth.