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Three Indoor Sports Games That Will Make You More Physically Active at Home

a pool table in a living room

The sedentary lifestyle has become the main problem of the 21st century. The entertainment technology has made people excessively spend their time to sit. Consequently, our generation gets more vulnerable to obesity and heart diseases than our predecessors. And although you will need a serious commitment if you want to improve your life to be more active than before, you can start with a simple and fun thing.

In this writing, we will discuss three sports games that you and your family can play indoors.


table tennisPing-pong is a practical game that does not take too much space to play. The rule itself is quite straightforward to understand, which makes it perfect as an activity during a family gathering. Players are meant to hit the ball and bounce it not more than once on each’s side of the table. If one player hits the ball and it touches the net, it will be a score for the opponent.

The official size of the table is 2.74 m long and 1.525 m wide. However, many models are foldable so that you won’t have any trouble storing them. The equipment that deserves your attention more is the bat. It would be better if you invest in a legit high-quality bat than the cheap one since the rubber pad will deteriorate fast. Once the pad wears out, controlling the shots will be impossible.

Air Hockey

a puck pusherYou probably know this sports game from the arcade counter. Back then, the equipment’s price may be too costly, but these days, they are not. Buying an air hockey set at home is a sound decision to get everyone at home more physically active.

If you do not know how this game works, here is a brief description. The table uses an air-blowing mechanism that eliminates friction. And then, one player serves the puck, and the other player hits it. Each player’s job is to prevent the puck from entering their goal pocket using the pusher.

Cue Games

snooker ballsLike the table tennis, the equipment of cue games is simple. You need several cue sticks, a cue table, and balls. However, to play the cue games, you may need to learn the rules first because the games have at least five variants: American-style Eight Ball, Straight Pool, Carom, Snooker, and English Billiards.

To choose the right table for cue games, you must check the material’s quality and its space-saving feature. Some designs are foldable up to four times, while the others are less than that. You must evaluate your home’s storage capacity before you decide which pool model you should buy.

The Health Benefits

All of the sports games above may not seem physically challenging. However, each of them requires excellent eye-muscles coordination to play. Ping-pong requires the players to maintain rapid movements within a small space. Air Hockey is also a game that needs the players to be agile and sharp. Although cue games do not seem to exercise the muscles of the players, they give benefits that are similar to chess. The players must devise a clever strategy to outmaneuver their opponents.