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What are the best creatine supplements on the market?

man showing muscle

Creatine supplies your muscles with energy and helps improve your performance when weightlifting. The body also produces creatine, even though, in small quantities. It improves energy levels and thus is suitable for athletic performance. Just like any product in the market, creatine has its share of positive and negative effects. This is especially true if the creatine is made from a cheap brand. Many people do not know such low-quality brands, thus getting numerous side effects from using this product.

To help you make the right choice here is a list of the top rated creatine on the market.

Optimum nutrition creatine powder

muscle Optimum nutrition is one of the popular supplements in the market. It improves performance, muscle strength and energy levels in a very short time. It is odorless and tasteless. It is also effective and easy to use. Besides, this product is affordable. However, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to mix it with juice or water.

Muscle tech platinum 100% creatine

The platinum creatine contains HPLC that allows for faster absorption rate. Your body will receive continuous energy that lasts for the whole day. It dissolves quickly in water, protein shakes and water. It does not have any taste. It is also highly effective. The downside, which is common, is that it can upset your stomach within the first days of use.

Optimum nutrition creatine 2500mg

The optimum nutrition creatine comes in capsule form. Unlike creatine powder that only requires you to take one scoop; the capsule creatine requires that you take four capsules in a day. This product is made from creapure creatine. Given that it is in capsule form, it is easy to consume. Using this product provides your body with continuous energy. The disadvantage is that it is expensive.

MET-RX creatine 4200

pillsMET-RX is also another creatine available in capsule form. It is suitable for both post workout and pre workout. Capsules are convenient especially when you are far from home. However, you will have to take six capsules in a day to get the recommended dosage. You can open the capsules and remove the powder inside. Several creatine products do not have any taste, but the MET-RX has a tangy taste. They are cheaper compared to optimum nutrition creatine. This product promotes muscle gain and reduces the recovery time for your muscles. The good thing about it is that there are no side effects. When compared with creatine in powder form, MET-RX has a high price.